Our rooms

The Monk's Work Chamber
Address: Søndre gate 25
Recommended group size: 3-8*

It's been a long time since anyone has heard from the Monk of Nidaos Cathedral, the ghost monk who in the early 1900s walked the streets of Trondheim at night chanting religious tunes. Nobody knew what he wanted and then he disappeared without a trace. After years of searching you have finally managed to find his mythical work room, hidden in a basement in Søndre gate. At the same time you discover that the monk hasn't fully disappeared... As you enter the room, the door slams shut behind you and you hear a soft whisper: "purgatory is waiting for you, 60 minutes from now!". Will you and your friends manage to discover the secret of the monk and also get out in time?

This room is located in a very atmospheric cellar with arched stone walls. Find the bits of the Monk's several hundred years long story, and try solving his many puzzles inspired by his life as a monk. If you're aiming for success, we recommend this room for three or more people, since there will be many simultaneous puzzles.

*We also recommend The Monk's Work Chamber for groups of players who haven't been to escape rooms before - but in that case, you should preferably be four or more.

This room is not a horror escape room (it's not made to be scary).

Swan Song --- (NEW!)
Address: Olav Tryggavsons gate 40
Recommended group size: 4-8

Dean Waylon is the front man of the band, Us, Them, Or Dean. Tonight, they will be performing the kick-off show of their concert run at the Colosseum Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Over his four-decade career, life in the limelight left Dean increasingly indulgent and jaded. Fans and critics alike have been predicting his retirement for a while now. Sure enough, Dean recently announced that this production will be his last. As the music reporter for the local paper, you’ve got your backstage pass, and you’re eager to interview Dean while he is still an active performer. The show starts soon, and you’ve been sitting for ages with the other reporters in the media room - Dean is running late. However, as more time passes, it’s becoming clear that something is wrong. Checking in Dean’s dressing room, his manager finds Dean’s personal belongings, but no sign of Dean. Word circulates around the backstage, and the crowd of onlookers become increasingly suspicious as security tries to manage the situation. While the other reporters race to be the first to blog this curious development, you discreetly slip into Dean’s dressing room.

Find the clues and solve the puzzles as you retrace the career of Dean Waylon. His eccentric personality, as well as his long life as a musician, has heavily shaped what awaits you in there. And it turns out there's quite a lot to unravel, so it'd be wise to be a journalist team of four or more. If you’re quick to figure out Dean's secrets, you can get the scoop on his disappearance before security catches you!

This room is not a horror escape room (it's not made to be scary).

Elementary School
Address: Olav Tryggavsons gate 40
Recommended group size: 4-8*

Time to go back to school - or at least for an hour! We've let us inspire by TV shows such as "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", and furnished our own nostalgic elementary school classroom! We've prepared challenges that you never had during your school days, but that you perhaps would have liked to have? But don't let the cute facade fool you; our tumultuous Elementary School will really test your cooperation! The puzzles are split into four school subjects full of puzzles, so you'll have to coordinate each other to solve them in parallel, before it all culminates in the big exam, the Final Puzzle. Do you have what it takes to pass it?

As with most escape rooms, you'll be able to solve the puzzles without remembering any curriculum by heart. But because of the parallel puzzle sets, you'll typically need four or more players. The main challenge isn't puzzle difficulty, but rather the sheer number of puzzles you need to solve before the hour passes.

Families: We've had many success stories with parents bringing their children here! Experience shows that if the kids are into puzzles and are properly involved by the grown-ups, many have a great time in this thematically harmless room. Not to mention that a lot of kids make the most obvious observations long before the adults do! On the other hand, the very youngest often seem to have a limited experience, so kids under the age of 10 play for free.

*Couples: Originally, the room wasn't designed for two players, but we can set you up with a special version of Elemetary School where you only have to solve two of the puzzle sets. Experience shows that this is just about equally challenging as the full version.

This room is not a horror escape room (it's not made to be scary).