What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are social activities for 2-8 people who want a challenge out of the ordinary. In a thematically designed room full of exciting secrets, you need to find codes, solve puzzles, twist your brain, and perhaps most importantly cooperate, in order to best the time limit of 60 minutes together.

An escape room is the perfect activity for bachelor(ette) parties, team building, mystery tours and other get-togethers!

Where can I book a visit?

We have now closed down the business.

Where is it?

We've got two locales, with three rooms.
The Monk's Work Chamber is located at address Søndre gate 25. Look for the small, purple sign in the alley behind Three Lions Pub.
Swan Song and Elementary School are at Olav Tryggvasons gate 40. You will find our name at the top of a sign by the door, which is beside the entrance to the bar O'Learys.

See the "Contact" page for map.

Price per person?

2 persons - 450 NOK (360 NOK for students/persons in school)

3 persons - 410 NOK (328 NOK for students/persons in school)

4 persons - 370 NOK (296 NOK for students/persons in school)

5 or more persons - 330 NOK (264 NOK for students/persons in school)


Please note that all prices are per person. A group can consist of both students and non-students.
If you book more than one room, you can pay for all of them at once, but the price will still be calculated based on how many participants are in each room (e.g. the price is still 370 per non-student if you are four, even if you also pay for four in another room).

Children aged 0-9 years play for free, and do not count towards calculating price per person.

How do we pay?

In advance, at the premises or by invoice.

Advance payment is placed via our booking site - and please consider doing so, since this our preferred method. However, we understand that in many cases, one won't know exactly how many people will be coming. If so, use the option "pay later" while booking.

At the premises, we accept Norwegian debit cards, most credit cards, Vipps and cash. If you wish to pay cash, please bring the exact amount, if you can.

If you wish for us to send you an invoice, please tell us in advance by e-mail (see "contact"). Send us address and organization number of your business/etc., and we will send you the invoice after your visit.

Please remember that you can pay in advance at any time after booking! You'll find the button above in the e-mail you received from Bookeo when you booked.

Something changed since we booked. How do we edit/cancel our booking?

In the e-mail you received from Bookeo when you booked, click the orange button "View / change booking" (see above).

You can no longer do this to cancel less than 24 hours before your booked time. However, we understand special situations may arise in which you have to cancel less time in advance. If so, please contact us.

Is it scary? What do you do to ensure security?

Our rooms are not horror escape rooms, which means they aren't made to be scary. We do not use sudden noises, things popping out, or effects of any kind that you as a player don't control. Furthermore, the rooms aren't claustrophobic - they are like ordinary rooms, you play with the lights on, and you are briefed on how to get out in an emergency. In Elementary School and Swan Song we don't lock the doors at all, and in The Monk's Work Chamber we inform you of a way to open the door in a few seconds, without having to unlock anything. This is of course in addition to the rooms being monitored at all times by your Game Master.

Age limit?

We have not set a lower age limit, as experience shows that how much children enjoy the experience varies greatly from child to child. We have also observed that the children who had a good time generally tended to be into puzzles already, and were properly involved by the adults.


On the other hand, we have chosen to let children aged 0-9 years play for free, since children that young tend to have a limited experience.

Groups of children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are the puzzles in Norwegian? You are a Norwegian company, so it seems like I should ask.

The rooms, as well as the briefing before you enter them, are available in both languages. However, no Norwegian is ever required to solve any puzzle, because every puzzle piece with text will (for the most part) have two versions of the text: One English and one Norwegian (e.g. on both sides of a piece of paper you found). Any time only one language is given, that language is English.

This doesn't look like it will be much of a challenge for adults - especially not Elementary School?

Don't you worry, all our rooms are made to be a challenge to everybody! In Elementary School (and to a slightly lesser extent, The Monk's Work Chamber) you will find some more family friendly puzzles, but no matter the age of the players, it takes a dedicated and coordinated effort to win it.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do! You can buy gift cards with the value of your choosing by visiting one of our locales. Please contact us, and we will find a time that suits both us and you.

Universal access/disabilities?

Sadly, our locales aren't regulated for use of wheelchairs. We apologize.

Some of the puzzles are based on hearing and on colours (all rooms).


Pets are neither allowed inside nor outside our premises.

Baby carriage?

You can take your baby carriage into the rooms.

What if I want something extra?

Please contact us if you want to be a larger group than our set limits allow (2-8), or want to book a time we don't ordinarily offer, and we'll see what we can do. We might be able to do something extra for you, if you've got good ideas!